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Mexican Gray Wolves – Born May 2017


Diego and Dakota are critically endangered Mexican Gray Wolves that were transferred from a California wolf center in November of 2018.

These brothers are part of an important cross-fostering program that swaps wild and captive pups to promote new genetics.

They are part of the Species Survival Program and are incredibly important to the health of future Mexican Grays.

Dakota means "friend" in Sioux, and is very curious and outgoing. Diego is darker in color and loves to play bow at the fence.




Amarok - Escala de grises.jpeg


Born May 2014


Amarok is our first internationally rescued wolf with a very special story. He was found roaming the streets of Colombia. Wolves are not native to South America, so it is believed that Amarok was bought illegally on the wildlife market and escaped his housing, as these animals are great escape artists. The Santa Fe Zoo in Medellin, Colombia rescued Amarok and took care of him for a year before contacting us. We welcomed mister tall, dark, handsome and foreign into our pack and he is now not only a companion to our previously widowed wolf Koda, but also a wonderful ambassador for education about the illegal wildlife trade. Amarok is known for his stunning eyes and his love for doggy toys and London bridges through volunteers’ legs.



Born March 2017


Chakra, another one of our newest residents, was born from an accidental litter at a zoo in Indiana. While we were able to welcome Chakra into our pack, our friends at Mission: Wolf welcomed her sister Saurya to theirs. It is amazing to learn about each of these pups and to find how similar they are not only in appearance, but also personality. Chakra is known for her independent nature and love for plopping her bottom into staff and guests’ laps in expectation of back scratches. 




British Columbian/Tundra Wolf – Born March 2013


“Keyni (prounounced “Key-Nigh”) was named with this spelling because we hoped that he would be the “key” to our ambassador wolf program. Like most of our animals, Keyni matured and decided that he no longer wished to leave his enclosure to meet guests. However, he is always happy to welcome guests into his enclosure as they gain a deeper understanding about these animals. 

Keyni was born at a sanctuary in Florida and we adopted him. Our good friends at Mission: Wolf drove all the way to Florida to pick him up along with two of his siblings that now reside at

Mission: Wolf. 

He is known for his graying fur—as he is a black phase wolf, his happy helicopter tail, and staring deeply with his bright yellow eyes into yours.



Native American meaning Friend

Timber Wolf – Born March 2008 


Koda was adopted from a wolf facility in Lake George, Colorado, and is our only wolf who has had an accidental pregnancy resulting in two pups; Tala and Nakai. CWWC is a non-breeding facility, however Koda taught us that nature isn’t always on time when she went into a 3 day heat cycle at the age of 9 months, which is very uncommon. The father, Kekoa, was scheduled to be neutered the next week. 

Koda is best known for her piercing amber eyes and a skill for pick-pocketing for treats. She is also the wolf featured on our billboard heading west on Highway 24 advertising CWWC in a beautiful way.



Named after the Tribe in the movie Avatar

Timber Wolf – Born March 2010


Na’vi is a big love. He loves people and will prance right up to the fence expecting to be pet by everyone. He will always happily accept treats from anyone, and knows that he can “work a crowd” to get treats, as well as lots of ‘oohs and ahhs.’ He was obtained from a facility in Florida as a potential ambassador wolf for the sanctuary. 

Na’vi was named after the tribe in the movie Avatar because of their close ties to nature. But even his blood makes him a famous wolf – he is the nephew of the real black wolf that was used in the second Twilight movie.




Born April 2017


Orenda is one of the many new residents here at the Center. She came to us from Seacrest Wolf Preserve, as have many of our other ambassadors. Wolves are wild animals and it is very hard to find one that is happy with the ambassador job, which involves traveling off-site for education, meeting larger groups of people, and walking comfortably on a leash and harness. Orenda is growing large not only in size, but also personality as she becomes more eager to meet groups of people during meet-and-greets and interactions. She is very well known for her excited and loving open mouth kisses and sweet demeanor. 




Born May 14, 2016 


Raksha came to us from Wolves-USA. He now lives with his beautiful bride, Chakra. Raksha is named after the wolf in the Jungle Book. Our "rock star" has an outgoing personality, curious nature and is very independent.



Born May 14, 2016 


Isha is the brother of Raksha. Isha means "The Ruling Goddess, Lord, or One Who Protects."

He was born all white, which is extremely unusual. Arctic Wolves are born with a dark color and eventually turn white. He is shyer than his brother, Raksha, but has a more calm and gentle nature.




Born May 2017


Rhett and Scarlett, cleverly named after the Gone with the Wind characters, came from two separate litters at an ambassador program in Montana. Staff, guests and volunteers are enjoying watching these two frisky kits grow up and reminding us all that each and every animal is a unique individual that deserves a life to enjoy. Scarlett is independent by nature and loves to play pounce at the hands wiggling under the blanket. Rhett is particularly known for his curious and inquisitive looks as he outsmarts the handlers.

swift fox pack.jpg


Because we are an AZA certified facility we are able to participate in the Species Survival Program (SSP) with our swift foxes. The swift fox's historical range in North America stretched all across the Great Plains until they were nearly extirpated (having about 10% of their natural range left) in the early 1900s. Today, thanks to the SSP we have seen a comeback of our swift foxes in about 40% of their historical range. We are proud to partake in this recovery. 



Native American for Wolf

Timber Wolf – Born March 2009


Tala is a sweet little wolf with a big personality. She is a curious girl who comes when called, loves belly rubs and back scratches, and happily overwhelms humans with wolf kisses. Tala is the result of an accidental pregnancy. Her mother, Koda, surprised us by becoming pregnant when she was only 8 months old. 

Tala loves to prove to everyone that her size doesn’t stop her. She is one of our strongest wolves when out on a walk, and also does a great job bossing her mate Na’vi around when he forgets how “big” she really is. 



Timber Wolf – Born 2012


Keyni and Makuee lived next door to each other for about a month to see how they behaved with each other before allowing them in the same enclosure. Once they were let in together, they began a very cute wolf tango, chasing each other and play bowing.

Makuee is very playful and sweet. She loves interacting with humans. She can be an attention hog and is still learning how to kiss properly.





Tundra/Arctic Wolf – Born May 2021


Rayne is one of our newest members of the pack and is already making a big splash. She is 75% Tundra wolf and 25% Arctic wolf; making her well adapted for cold climates. She has befriended our coyote pups, Kit and Cricket, and our resident nanny, Geronimo. Rayne was adopted from a wolf sanctuary in Texas and has been working very hard to become an ambassador for her species. One of Rayne’s favorite things is to walk the grounds on leash and harness; meeting guests and showing them that wolves are not “big, bad and scary.” Her curiosity, friendliness, and glowing personality make her a star at CWWC.




Silver Fox – Born 2016


Zak is a six year old silver fox. The “breeder” purchased foxes from a fur farm in Nebraska, and illegally imported them with the intention of selling them as household pets. Zak lived as a pet for the first six years of his life until his owner passed away. He was surrendered to Wild Hearts Exotic Animals until he found his forever home here at CWWC. Although he spends his days learning how to act like a fox with his playful companion Zoe, he will never say no to a deep-tissue belly rub from his caretakers.




Silver Fox – Born 2017


Zoe is a stunning five year old silver fox. She was born in captivity to be pelted, but her owner gave her to a couple to hold for a few days and never returned. She lived in a small cage without enrichment, socialization, or veterinary care. Our friends at W.O.L.F. Sanctuary helped us rescue Zoe and give her a new chance at life. Zoe was given her name for this very reason, as it translates to “life” in Greek. Months later, she was paired with her companion Zak whom she immediately fell in love with.


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