ALL RULES are strictly enforced!

- Does NOT apply to
Standard Tours


If you do not follow our dress code,

you will not enter the wolf enclosure.

There will be no refunds.

Long sleeve shirt,

t-shirt or pullover ONLY!

Boot Cut Jeans or

Khakis ONLY!

Pants need to go over your boot/shoe laces. NO skinny jeans, leggings, pants with holes, or sweatpants!

tennis shoes,

hiking boots or shoes ONLY!



  • tank tops

  • short sleeve shirts

  • skinny jeans

  • leggings

  • pants with holes

  • sweatpants

  • converse

  • skater shoes

  • uggs

  • cowboy boots

  • rubber boots

  • sandals

  • slip on shoes

  • shoes with no laces

  • tevas with ventilation sides


  • fur or faux fur around hiking boots unless your pants can cover it

  • dreadlocks

  • high ponytails or buns

  • fringe

  • fur or faux fur

  • dangling material or earrings

  • real sheepskin, wool or real down feather coats



CWWC is not responsible for the loss

of any jewelry, damage to clothing or contents that is on your person.


  • Low ponytails  

  • Close fitting earrings and necklaces          

  • JACKETS if they 
    DO NOT have ANY fur
    or faux fur on them. 
    Must be a material like 

    carhart, denim, nylon, cotton, polyester


INTERACTIVE TOURS (Not Standard Tours)

Unfortunately, we cannot allow persons who are handicapped mentally or physically, pregnant, have medical conditions and/or medical devices (e.g., oxygen tanks, walkers, canes, colostomy bags, etc.) or frail elderly persons to enter the animal enclosures. Staff will make the determination at the time of the interaction to determine if the individual is fit to enter the enclosure. 

A handler will be with you throughout the duration of your session in addition to your photographer. All persons entering an enclosure will be required to fill out a release of liability form. While most of these animals are socialized, they are still wild, and our first responsibility is to maintain their sanctuary. Our animals will not perform or pose unnaturally nor will we subject them to stressful situations. We reserve the right to reschedule the session at the discretion of the handler if he or she determines it's in the animals’ best interest.


We have limited parking, however, we can accommodate a school, RV, or trailways bus with prior notification. We keep our roads plowed in winter and graded in summer. Motorcycles are no problem in the summer. If you have a handicap sticker or you are disabled, please call us in advance and we can arrange special parking.


We offer snacks, such as chips, nutri-­‐ grain bars, fruit, and cookies for sale. We also offer water, hot cocoa, coffee, and tea for beverages.



No smoking is allowed during tours. We have a designated smoking area outside our visitor center, and we ask that all cigarette butts be disposed of properly. You’re visiting an area that is very fire sensitive!



... are discouraged. When they do have to accompany you, for their safety, they MUST remain in your vehicle at ALL TIMES. We ask that you keep adequate water supply for your pets, and keep your windows cracked. We do not have a pet exercise area, so please plan accordingly for your pet’s comfort. If you must take your dog out for a potty break, we ask that you walk them on the SOUTH side of the parking lot, away from the wolf enclosures, and out of the view of the resident animals. A typical visit to CWWC lasts approximately 90 minutes.


CWWC only has two restrooms. If you have a large party, please use a restroom before arrival, if possible.



Children are not allowed to run, wander, or behave loudly while visiting. To maintain a peaceful and serene environment for our animals and other guests, we require children to be monitored AT ALL TIMES. It is imperative that parents keep their children close by and on the trails. Any parent or child not respecting our policies will be asked to leave immediately. Please take into consideration that this educational tour may not be appropriate for children, especially under the age of five.



CWWC is handicap accessible. We offer loading/unloading for handicap access, and our restrooms are handicap approved. The trail is not paved. It is gravel and woodchips, and can be muddy, snowy, and generally unpredictable. We will be as accommodating as Mother Nature allows. Call ahead for conditions during inclement weather. We can offer a golf cart for those who have issues walking. The golf cart can only accommodate two people, must be reserved in advance, and can only be used during the summer.

NOTE: The tour is a slow walk. There are some inclines and steps. We have benches along the way and your guide has a two-­‐way radio, should you need help of any kind.



CWWC allows visitors to bring cameras, BUT photos taken during regular tours CANNOT  be  used  for  professional  or commercial use. Sorry, WE DO NOT ALLOW TRIPODS OR LENSES OF MORE THAN 70MM AT ANY TIME. If you want to take wolf photos you can sell and use, please ask about our Professional Photography Sessions.



If you cancel, do not show, or reduce the number of people in your
party, you will be charged the full amount and it will be considered a donation to the Center. In some circumstances we may be able to change your tour time to a different time or day, depending on our schedule.