COMMITTED VOLUNTEER · You will be required to be on a schedule for no less than 3 months and two days a week. You will have advanced training and will have special allotments for wolf interaction. 


NON-COMMITTED VOLUNTEER · You are not expected to be on a committed schedule, however you will be limited on different tasks and perks such as wolf interaction.

Want to be
involved in the
wolf world?


Must commit to at

least 2 days a week


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I was born in February 1962 in Torrance, CA. As a young girl my favorite things were animals and the beach. I have always had a pet of some type from hamsters to horses and never felt lonely with them around. I made a promise one day when I was 9 years old to a dog that was being abused by some kids on a playground who I saved, that I would create a rescue someday to be a voice. I followed my promise, but it has been one long and difficult journey, however it has been all worthwhile.

Throughout my life I have tried to be a voice for the ones who are abused, abandoned, hungry or injured through either rescuing them myself, signing and creating petitions to donating money or materials that is needed.  Once a year I am happy to have a vacation, however I feel happiest when I can give back to the environment and help animals in need. I usually choose a third world country and bring veterinarian supplies to spay and neuter clinics. I am so lucky to have a wonderful man in my life who is passionate about the same issues and we work together as a team helping when we can. We also set aside a day on vacation to clean the beach of litter to give back to the earth.

This is what I love to do and if the opportunity ever comes where I can have another dream come true, I would create free animal clinics in poor countries and help curb the abuse through education and promote conservation for native wildlife.My life has taken some interesting twists and I have taken the good with the bad to create not only myself but my Center.

I graduated from high school, worked in steel and plastic factories and then went to tech-school as a EMT and combined it with aircraft mechanics and flight lessons. I unfortunately did not make it past that point due to financial reasons at that struggling age, but it was an accomplishment. I have worked as a lab technician, waitress, land surveyor, construction worker and so many in-between. I feel that with all of these jobs combined together, they have given me the basic experience to create what CWWC is today.I am currently writing a book about my life's adventures entitled, "Against All Odds". This book was inspired by having no direction as a kid, but having a dream in my heart. Through hard work and a true passion I have created and am living my dream. I would like others -especially kids who think that if they don't have everything given to them, that they cannot accomplish what they want. I know from experience that it can become a reality if you believe and don’t give up.  


Life is truly a gift and I believe that giving back makes you worthy of living.

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