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until we call you to confirm. At that time we will collect payment information.

If you don’t hear from us within 48 hours, please call (719) 687-9742

Camp Fee must be paid in full at time of registration to secure your camper’s spot. 

Camps are limited to 15 campers per session and sell out quickly!

All fees are non-refundable as supplies for campers are purchased in advance. Cancellations will result in the forfeiture of the non-refundable fees per session. 


  • Lunches: All camper’s are required to bring a sack lunch and water bottle each day (there are no food services at CWWC). Large coolers will be provided to store the lunches in.

  • Sunscreen: Please have sunscreen applied prior to dropping off camper - any sunscreen that needs to be reapplied must be provided by the camper. 

  • Backpacks: Staff may search campers belongings if they determine there is a potential cause of injury to the camper or others. 

  • Lost or Stolen Items: Campers are asked to leave any valuables and electronics at home. CWWC and its employees are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

  • Photographs: I give my permission for my child’s photograph or video to be taken for use by the CWWC in program brochures, annual report, website, social media sites and other promotional materials and for release to local newspapers. If you don't consent, please indicate in the notes section of the reservation form.

  • Dress Code: children need to come dressed for the weather and to wear footwear conducive to hiking conditions.  Long shorts, jeans, lightweight pants, t-shirt and rain jacket with shoes that have good tread and ankle support are all acceptable attire; not acceptable- crocs, cowboy boots, flip flops, short shorts or tank tops.

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