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Our FULL MOON TOURS are always once a month on a Saturday night. These fill up quickly, so make your reservations early!


We start with complimentary seasonal beverages and

sweets and then begin the tour. At the end of the tour it is now dusk and we hike up to Chinook's Nature Trail.

There you will hear the story of the birth of CWWC by

Darlene, our founder and owner. As the moon rises, we do a group "Howl at the Moon" and we'll hear the wolves howl back. The tour is approximately 2 hours. The gift shop will be open after the tour.



We are in the Pikes Peak mountain range of 9,165’.

Wear good shoes, tennis shoes/hiking boots and always be prepared for any type of unpredictable weather. BRING A FLASHLIGHT. It will be dark by the time we end the tour.

howling wolves
coyote howling

Click here to view the calendar for dates.

March - November Full Moon Tour

Adults (12 and older) $35  ·  Children (8-11) $15

Dec, Jan, Feb Full Moon Tour + Feeding

Adults (12 and older) $35  ·  Children (8-11) $15

No children under 8​​. Advance reservations required!

Clothing restrictions DO NOT apply!


Our FULL MOON FEEDING TOURS are always the Friday before and Sunday after our regular Full Moon Tours.


During the FULL MOON FEEDING TOUR you will meet

our resident animals and observe them when they are most active...feeding time! Learn about hunting, howling and hierarchy from dedicated tour guides. 

Free snacks and beverages plus a traditional group wolf

howl will be performed at the end of the tour. 

The tour is approximately 1.5 hours. The gift shop will

be open after the tour.



We are in the Pikes Peak mountain range of 9,165’.

Wear good shoes, tennis shoes/hiking boots and always be prepared for any type of unpredictable weather.

full moon tour
full moon tour

Click here to view the calendar for dates.

Adults (12 and older) $25  ·  Children (3-11) $15

Advance reservations required · Clothing restrictions DO NOT apply!



Photo Tour



If you are looking for wolf photos that you can sell and use, or just looking for a truly unique experience, consider our PRIVATE PHOTO SESSIONS! 

You will have an hour to view and select from many wolves, coyote, red fox,

and swift fox in a very natural environment where photo-manipulation may not even be necessary! 

We try to accommodate requests for specific animals based on circumstances at the time of the shoot. Sessions available year-round but we recommend the fall and winter when the animals have their most beautiful coats.



One hour session - Guests MUST arrive at 7:45 am

$600 for 1 photographer. (1 guest allowed to carry gear)



There are no limitations on the lens size used during a professional photo session. Photography sessions are by reservation only and are limited to morning or late afternoon (best lighting and wolf cooperation). All photographers must sign a release form before entering the enclosures and must be 18 or older. Please keep in mind that your pictures can help with our mission of conservation so we encourage you to promote the wolf and other wildlife with educational information with your pictures if used commercially. 

CWWC has the right to refuse individuals we feel are not fit mentally or physically to enter the enclosures or for any reason that could stress or cause harm to our animals or the individuals. A handler will be with you at all times for the safety of the animals and the photographer as well as to encourage the animals into good locations for pictures. While most of these animals are socialized, they are still wild, and our first responsibility is to maintain their sanctuary. Our animals will not perform or pose unnaturally nor will we subject them to stressful situations. We reserve the right to reschedule the session at the discretion of the handler if he or she determines it's in the animals’ best interest.

Photographer and guest MUST be 18 or older. INTERACTIVE RULES APPLY.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow persons who are frail, disabled mentally or physically, pregnant, suffering from medical conditions, or using medical devices (i.e. oxygen tanks, walkers, canes, colostomy bags, insulin pumps, bandages, etc.) to enter enclosures. You must be able to sit and stand unassisted and navigate uneven terrain that may be steep, rocky and gravelly. Staff will make the determination at the time of the interaction if the individual(s) is physically/mentally fit to enter the enclosure.

Check out some photos taken during a private photo session:


The ULTIMATE ALPHA is truly the ultimate experience. 

You will have one full hour of experiencing 2 wolf enclosures and 1 fox enclosure. You will also receive up to 50 photos via Dropbox. 

This tour is exclusive and very limited! Must be 18 or older.




Tours are conducted TUESDAY - SUNDAY. Closed Monday.

The Standard Tour is highly encouraged due to its educational value. 
ALPHA TOURS are conducted BEFORE the standard tour. 


Peak Season May 1 - Oct 31 · Check in 7:45 am

$575 for 1 or 2 guests. $250 for each additional guest.


Low Season Nov 1 - Apr 30· Check in 7:45 am 

$500 for 1 or 2 guests. $250 for each additional guest.


Maximum of 4 guests. Advance reservations required.

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